The International Association of Top Level Domains

The IATLD was founded to give voice to the concern that ICANN would make changes to the global governance structure of the domain name system without consulting the men and women from around the globe who have built this system -- the TLD administrators.

On this site, you can learn more about the IATLD and its mission. There is a special section for Members Only, as well as a selection of source-material Resources for anyone interested in domain names and ccTLDs in particular.

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Members of the IATLD
Antony Van Couvering, President
George Daniel .AG Antigua & Barbuda
Igor Mkrtumyan .AM Armenia
Joseph Matua .AS American Samoa
Dragomir Slavov .BG Bulgaria
Brian Cartmell .CC Cocos & Keeling Islands
Radhames Mejia .DO Dominican Republic
Endel Lippmaa .EE Estonia
Nigel Roberts .GG Guernsey and others
Ed Sweeney .HM Heard & McDonald Islands
Clint Mole .KY Cayman Islands
Pavel Gusev .KZ Kazakhstan
Sisomphet Nhoybouakong .LA Lao People's Democratic Republic
Pavel Chirev .MD Moldova
Daniel Camacho .MP Northern Mariana Islands
Ahmedou Ould Haouba .MR Mauritania
Yann Kwok .MU Mauritius
Oscar A. Robles Garay .MX Mexico
J. William Semich .NU Niue
Joel Disini .PH Philippines
Eugenie Staicut .RO Romania
Batyr Karryev .TM Turkmenistan
Dr. Patrick Hosein .TT Trinidad and Tobago
Jason Chapnik .TV Tuvalu
Sean Jackson .VG British Virgin Islands and others
Dmitry Kohmanyuk .UA Ukraine
Peter de Blanc .VI U.S. Virgin Islands

Supporters of the IATLD's position on the status of RFC 1591:

The following top-level domains answered "YES" to the question of whether the new Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) should put a phrase in its by-laws to the effect that it agrees to continue to abide by the spirit of RFC 1591 for any and all actions it takes, or any role it assumes, with regard to Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs).



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