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Martin At The Music Zoo

Shop for your Martin Guitar at The Music Zoo now! Martin is one of the oldest companies in the US. They have an incredible heritage of building the finest sounding acoustic instruments in the world. We love Pre-War Martin 000-45 guitars as well the more intimate parlor 0-42 instruments. And of course, Martin is responsible for the most iconic guitar of them all, the Dreadnought! Hank Williams sure enjoyed his D-18 while Johnny Cash preferred an all black D-35.

Martin Certified Online Dealer

The Music Zoo is a Martin Guitar Certified Online Dealer

Not only is The Music Zoo an Authorized Dealer for Martin products, but we are also one of a handful of Certified Online Dealers! This means that Martin has recognized The Music Zoo for excellence in customer service, reliable shipping, secure checkout, and overall Martin product knowledge. You can trust in Martin's guidance and rest assured your Music Zoo buying experience will be world class.

Martin Custom Shop Expert Dealer Badge

The Music Zoo is a Martin Custom Shop Expert Dealer

Martin has hand-selected The Music Zoo to be a part of the Custom Shop Experience Program. Over the years we have built a close relationship with our friends at the factory, and have gained an intimate understanding of the Custom Shop process. Through our history of incredible customer support and successful custom runs, Martin has recognized The Music Zoo as a destination for you, the Martin Guitar consumer, to create your next Martin build. We are honored to be called a Custom Shop Expert Dealer and look forward to helping you build the Custom Shop Martin of your dreams.


Martin Guitar Model Info

Martin Body Sizes and Styles

Martin Guitar body sizes and styles have varied over the years, but the consistency of tone and playability has remained solid. Style 18 mahogany instruments tend to be the least appointed. The Style 28 is the flagship Rosewood body guitar, think of the ever-popular D-28: bluegrass and country legend with herringbone body trim and diamond neck volute. The 42 and 45 Style Martins feature the beautiful pearl and more ornate inlays than a 28. Body sizes range from Single 0 (the smallest) to 00 and 000. The Martin OM Orchestra Model is a longer scale length version of the 000 size body. And of course, the most iconic shape of them all, the Dreadnought, a big bold guitar that produces incredible volume and sustain.

Martin Guitar Series

Martin also currently produces a wide array of series at varying price points to help you find the right guitar for your budget. The Martin Authentic guitars are true to the Golden Era of the late 30's and early 40's. The Reimagined Standard Series has brought back a number of historic specs and features that made Martin so popular all those years ago. The Martin Artist Series Guitars like the Eric Clapton 000-28EC Signature Model have been an important legacy, allowing players to own the same guitars as the pros. They also offer Retro, Performing Artist, Road Series, X Series, Little Martin and of course Ukuleles. And finally no guitar line would be complete without a full set of supporting accessories. The Music Zoo has them all: Martin Cases, Martin Strings, Martin Guitar Straps, and more. Finance your next Martin Guitar purchase with The Music Zoo Credit Card. Call us today for more info on your new Martin!