Dean At The Music Zoo

The Music Zoo is an Authorized Dean Guitars Dealer! Shop for your Dean on our site now, or visit our showroom on Long Island, New York! Dean Guitars were founded by Dean Zelinsky in 1976 out of a drive to add something new and exciting to the blooming electric guitar market of the 1970s. Radical designs such as the Dean Cadillac, Dean V, Dean Z, and Dean ML all drew the attention of professional players. Among the earliest players of Dean were Nancy Wilson of Heart, Leslie West of Mountain, Ric Ocasek and Elliot Easton of The Cars, and Billy Gibbons of Z.Z. Top.

Dean Guitars found themselves with great marketing in the 1980s with the popularity of the music video on MTV! Remember the spinning furry guitars in the Z.Z. Top ‘Legs’ video? Dean Guitars! Phil Collen and Steve Clark of Def Leppard both played Deans in the “Me and My Wine” video as well. Perhaps one of the biggest Guitar Heroes to ever wield a Dean was the legendary Dimebag Darrell, who won his first Dean ML in a guitar contest and went on to have many of his own signature models throughout his career with Pantera and Damageplan.

Dean Guitars today offer many different levels of instrument; affordable for the beginning player up to the professional who wants to wield a US-Made Custom Shop instrument on stage!  The Music Zoo also has in stock a wide range of Dean cases and the appropriate care and maintenance supplies in stock for your every need. Finance your next Dean Guitar purchase with The Music Zoo Credit Card. Call us today for more info on your new Dean!